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A number of them still clearly remember the journey, and their faces, now captured for the National Portrait Gallery, provide a fresh and clear testament not just of their childhood trauma, but of the varied lives they went on to live.

Santini and his world of architecture
National Technical Museum Prague until 5 Jan 2025
An exhibition to mark 300 years since the death of Jan Blažej Santini Aichel. The Prague-born architect of Italian origin is known for his Baroque Gothic style.

300 years since death of great Czech architect Jan Blažej Santini Aichel.
The Prague-born architect of Italian descent commonly known as Santini is famous for his Baroque-Gothic style.

Baroque in Bavaria and Bohemia
National Museum Prague until 8 May 2004
This exhibition focuses on the period from 1720-1820 . It explores a shared culture and is divided into six sections covering art, architecture, music and science.

As people pay their last respects to the late Karel Schwarzenberg, a member of the Czech nobility and one of the country’s most prominent post-1989 politicians, preparations are underway for his state funeral at Prague’s St. Vitus Cathedral.

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