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Although a lifelong leftist, Petr Uhl never joined the party and was among the most vocal opponents of the Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia and the persecution of political activists.

A century ago, some 400 synagogues stood in what is today the Czech Republic. Scores were destroyed in the lead-up and during to the Second World War. Even more disappeared under the decades of communist rule that followed.

Over the years they have been the location of choice for the production of more than 2,500 Czech and international films and offer a network of highly-skilled English-speaking crews, trained to Hollywood standards.

The west Bohemian town of Pilsen is known around the world for its beer, but it is also the cradle of Czech puppetry. Its rich history, linked to the legendary Czech puppeteers Josef Skupa and Jiří Trnka.

This Saturday marks the centenary of the birth of Alexander Dubček, one of the most charismatic leaders of 20th century Czechoslovakia who led the country during the Prague Spring.

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