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Its coverage ranges from in-depth articles, film and book reviews, related events in the UK, coverage of recent developments in the Czech and Slovak Republics and their relations with Britain.

It will be published bi-monthly during 2018 which marks several significant anniversaries in the history of the former Czechoslovakia that was founded 100 years ago in 1918.

A selection of articles from previous issues is available to download here:

Historic Czech and Slovak films at 2018 Karlovy Vary Film Festival – Peter Hames
BCS Review 161 Aug-Sep 2018 5

John Tusa: the life and times of a Czech-born broadcaster – Angela Spindler-Brown
BCS Review 161 Aug-Sep 2018 8

Mala ale nase (small but ours) 80 years since the Sudetenland was signed over to Nazi Germany – Ivan Margolius
BCS Review 161 Aug-Sep 2018 10-11

University student exchanges with the UK – Prof. Tomas Zima, Rector of Charles University
BCS Review Winter 2017 10

Bohemian therapy: slow train through the hills to Marianske Lazne – Nicky Gardner
BCS Review 156 Autumn 2017 12

Remembering the Czech Refugee Trust 1939-1975 – Dr Jana Buresova
BCS Review 146 Aug-Sep 2015 6-7

Where beer is a national phenomenon – Roger Aitken
BCSA Review 151 Jun-July-Aug 2016

The Slovak discovery of Pluto – James Fairfoot
BCSA Review 149 Feb-Mar 2016 6-7

John Pawson and the Abbey of our Lady of Novy Dvur – Ivan Margolius
BCSA Review 154 Spring 2017 14-15

All change please – Maria Hughes outlines some changes to the Czech and Slovak transportation infrastructure
BCSA Review 154 Spring 2017 11

Neruda by Neruda – Susan Reynolds relates how Pablo Neruda, the Chilean poet, acquired his Czech name
BCSA Review 155 Summer 2017 4-5

Building a new life – Ivan Margolius pays tribute to the Czech engineer, Rene Wiesner, who rebuilt his life in Great Britain in 1939
BCSA Review 156 Autumn 2017 14-15

The pig, the cupboard and the Reichsprotektor – Jack Mullin
BCSA Review 154 Spring 2017 6-7

A selection of articles and book reviews by the late Michael Ivory, BCSA events co-ordinator 1998-2018

Turmoil and odsun: two films looking at the post Word War II expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia revisited painful memories.
BCSA Review 146 Aug-Sep 2015 4-5

The tipping point: two accounts of the lives and deaths of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Princess Sophie to mark the centenary of their assassination.
BCSA Review 138 Apr-May 2014 4-5

The many faces of Tiso: a defining book about the infamous Slovak priest and politician who stills stirs up controversy.
BCSA Review 136 Dec-Jan 2013-4 10

Slovakia through the eyes of Karol Plicka.
BCSA Review 134 Aug-Sep 2013 4-5

Great villas of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.
BCSA Review 132 Apr-May 2013 11

Searching out ethnic riches in Bratislava and Budapest: two books that draw attention to the multicultural past of the cities.
BCSA Review 116 Aug-Sep 2010 10

The abandoned ones: the tragic story of Slovakia’s Spis and Orava regions 1919-1948.

BCSA Review 106 Dec-Jan 2008-9 11

Prague in danger: the years of Nazi occupation by Professor Peter Demetz.

BCSA Review 105 Oct-Nov 2008 11