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Its coverage ranges from in-depth articles, film and book reviews, related events in the UK, coverage of recent developments in the Czech and Slovak Republics and their relations with Britain.

A selection of articles from previous issues is available to download here:

Tree Time – interview with Helen Toth (extended version) BCS Review 180 Oct-Nov 2021 6-7

The life sonic – interview with Kat Kiktova BCS Review 177 Apr-May 2021 4-5

The new legacy of Marína Paulíny – Martin Hochel BCS Review 177 Apr-May 2021 8

Brno story: Gerta by Kateřina Tučková BCS Review 176 Feb-Mar 2021 4-5

Ritual for the hidden – interview with Tereza Bušková BCS Review 175 Dec-Jan 2021 6-7

Czech theatre – interview with Barbara Day BCS Review 172 Jun-Jul 2020 5 Full version Barbara Day interview

Brewing takes time – Zdeněk Kudr BCS Review 171 Apr-May 2020 10

Eight plus one is 9 – Jack Mullin BCS Review 171 Apr-May 2020 4-5

Aleš Pařížek: the Gilbert White of Bohemia – Susan Reynolds BCS Review 170 Feb-Mar 2020 6

Josef Svoboda: centenary of a theatre scenographer – Ivan Margolius BCS Review 170 Feb- Mar 2020 10

The clergyman behind the carol ‘Good King Wenceslas’ – Edward Peacock BCS Review 169 Dec-Jan 2020 6

A Czech on Brexit – Milan Kocourek BCS Review 169 Dec-Jan 2020 11

Questions for Nick Archer, British Ambassador to the Czech Republic – Angela Spindler-Brown BCS Review 168 Oct-Nov 2019 6

A touch of Moravia in the Wye Valley – Mary Booth
BCS Review 164 Feb-Mar 2019 11

Lata Brandisová the forgotten racing hero – Richard Askwith
BCS Review 164 Feb-Mar 2019 6-7

Historic Czech and Slovak films at 2018 Karlovy Vary Film Festival – Peter Hames
BCS Review 161 Aug-Sep 2018 5

John Tusa: the life and times of a Czech-born broadcaster – Angela Spindler-Brown
BCS Review 161 Aug-Sep 2018 8

Malá ale naše (small but ours) 80 years since the Sudetenland was signed over to Nazi Germany – Ivan Margolius
BCS Review 161 Aug-Sep 2018 10-11

University student exchanges with the UK – Prof. Tomáš Zima, Rector of Charles University
BCS Review Winter 2017 10

Bohemian therapy: slow train through the hills to Mariánské Lázně – Nicky Gardner
BCS Review 156 Autumn 2017 12

Remembering the Czech Refugee Trust 1939-1975 – Dr Jana Burešová
BCS Review 146 Aug-Sep 2015 6-7

Where beer is a national phenomenon – Roger Aitken
BCSA Review 151 Jun-July-Aug 2016

The Slovak discovery of Pluto – James Fairfoot
BCSA Review 149 Feb-Mar 2016 6-7

John Pawson and the Abbey of our Lady of Nový Dvůr – Ivan Margolius
BCSA Review 154 Spring 2017 14-15

All change please – Maria Hughes outlines some changes to the Czech and Slovak transportation infrastructure
BCSA Review 154 Spring 2017 11

Neruda by Neruda – Susan Reynolds relates how Pablo Neruda, the Chilean poet, acquired his Czech name
BCSA Review 155 Summer 2017 4-5

Building a new life – Ivan Margolius pays tribute to the Czech engineer, René Wiesner, who rebuilt his life in Great Britain in 1939
BCSA Review 156 Autumn 2017 14-15

The pig, the cupboard and the Reichsprotektor – Jack Mullin
BCSA Review 154 Spring 2017 6-7

A selection of articles and book reviews by the late Michael Ivory, BCSA events co-ordinator 1998-2018

Turmoil and odsun: two films looking at the post Word War II expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia revisited painful memories.
BCSA Review 146 Aug-Sep 2015 4-5

The tipping point: two accounts of the lives and deaths of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Princess Sophie to mark the centenary of their assassination.
BCSA Review 138 Apr-May 2014 4-5

The many faces of Tiso: a defining book about the infamous Slovak priest and politician who stills stirs up controversy.
BCSA Review 136 Dec-Jan 2013-4 10

Slovakia through the eyes of Karol Plicka.
BCSA Review 134 Aug-Sep 2013 4-5

Great villas of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.
BCSA Review 132 Apr-May 2013 11

Searching out ethnic riches in Bratislava and Budapest: two books that draw attention to the multicultural past of the cities.
BCSA Review 116 Aug-Sep 2010 10

The abandoned ones: the tragic story of Slovakia’s Spis and Orava regions 1919-1948. BCSA Review 106 Dec-Jan 2008-9 11

Prague in danger: the years of Nazi occupation by Professor Peter Demetz. BCSA Review 105 Oct-Nov 2008 11